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Dorking .Eagle 28-01-2022 09:40 AM

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Conor Gallagher card given away with "So Foot" magazine (magazine sold in France). I believe the magazine may have been September 2021, but can't be sure.

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JOHN1509 30-01-2022 07:53 PM


Originally Posted by Dorking .Eagle (Post 16239176)
Conor Gallagher card given away with "So Foot" magazine (magazine sold in France). I believe the magazine may have been September 2021, but can't be sure.

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Attachment 55436

Nice, another one for me to try and track down

Dorking .Eagle 30-01-2022 10:07 PM

I see from the Panini Sticker Album that there will be a set of update stickers at some point, hopefully a couple of new Palace stickers through those!

Dorking .Eagle 04-02-2022 04:51 PM

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No idea how these slipped my notice until now, but anyway:

Issued by Sphinx (Egypt), 2019 Africa Cup of Nations stickers

Ayew, Schlupp and Kouyate all featured, with Crystal Palace mentioned on each one.

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JOHN1509 06-02-2022 04:29 PM


Originally Posted by Dorking .Eagle (Post 16252878)
No idea how these slipped my notice until now, but anyway:

Issued by Sphinx (Egypt), 2019 Africa Cup of Nations stickers

Ayew, Schlupp and Kouyate all featured, with Crystal Palace mentioned on each one.

Attachment 55445

Thought you might of had them already, i was lucky couple years back to buy a big bundle of these stickers and it contained all three of our players, just a shame that Zaha wasn't issued for Ivory Coast

JOHN1509 10-02-2022 10:27 AM

21/22 Panini Immaculate collection

Panini Immaculate Premier League
116. Wilfried Zaha (Crystal Palace)
117. Luka Milivojevic (Crystal Palace)
118. Michael Olise (Crystal Palace)

Laundry Tags - Premier League
4. Christian Benteke (Crystal Palace)

Milestones - Premier League
2. Jordan Ayew (Crystal Palace)

Moments - Premier League
8. Eberechi Eze (Crystal Palace)

Sneak Peek - Premier League
3. Christian Benteke (Crystal Palace)

Immaculate Autographs Premier League
1 Jordan Ayew

Ink Premier League
1 Eberechi Eze
3 Jordan Ayew

Introductions Premier League
3 Eberechi Eze

Modern Marks Premier League
3 Eberechi Eze

Moments Premier League
8 Eberechi Eze

Magnificent Memorabilia Premier League
3 Christian Benteke

JOHN1509 10-02-2022 11:08 AM

2021-22 Premier League Score

171. Vicente Guaita (Crystal Palace) Base + 15 Parallels
172. Tyrick Mitchell (Crystal Palace)
173. Jairo Riedewald (Crystal Palace)
174. Jean-Philippe Mateta (Crystal Palace)
175. Marc Guehi (Crystal Palace)
176. Conor Gallagher (Crystal Palace)
177. Michael Olise (Crystal Palace)
178. Joachim Anderson (Crystal Palace)
179. Wilfried Zaha (Crystal Palace)
180. Christian Benteke (Crystal Palace)

7. Jairo Riedewald (Crystal Palace)
22. Jordan Ayew (Crystal Palace)

Hot Rookies
4. Odsonne Edouard (Crystal Palace)

5. Conor Gallagher (Crystal Palace)

Next Level Stats
4. Christian Benteke (Crystal Palace)

Game Face
7. Wilfried Zaha (Crystal Palace)

4. Vicente Guaita (Crystal Palace)

8. Marc Guehi (Crystal Palace) ( all one card ?)
8. Joachim Anderson (Crystal Palace)
8. Tyrick Mitchell (Crystal Palace)

10. Cheikhou Kouyate (Crystal Palace)
31. Jordan Ayew (Crystal Palace)

Dorking .Eagle 17-02-2022 07:49 AM

Nice to see that there's none of that "it's a Rookie card so that one is 5 times the price" nonsense with the Panini Score cards!

Even when some of the cards actually have a RC (rookie card) logo on them!

I have drawn the opinion that it's largely an American blight on new premium card issues released over there.

Personally I won't be bothering with all the coloured parallels in the score collection, I'd rather keep a bit more back for the Immaculate series (although I won't be breaking the bank for Benteke's laundry tag lol)

Dorking .Eagle 17-02-2022 10:58 PM


3. (ULTIMATE) Conor Gallagher (Crystal Palace) - Rising Star

118. Luka Milivojević (Crystal Palace) - Captain
119. Club Crest (Crystal Palace)
120. Wilfried Zaha (Crystal Palace) - Fans Favourite
121. Vicente Guaita (Crystal Palace) - Super Stopper
122. Joel Ward (Crystal Palace)
123. Tyrick Mitchell (Crystal Palace)
124. James Tomkins (Crystal Palace)
125. Marc Guéhi (Crystal Palace)
126. Joachim Andersen (Crystal Palace) - Rock Solid
127. Michael Olise (Crystal Palace)
128. Cheikhou Kouyaté (Crystal Palace)
129. Eberechi Eze (Crystal Palace) - Magic Man
130. Jeffrey Schlupp (Crystal Palace)
131. James McArthur (Crystal Palace)
132. Jairo Riedewald (Crystal Palace)
133. Jordan Ayew (Crystal Palace)
134. Christian Benteke (Crystal Palace)
135. Odsonne Édouard (Crystal Palace)

JOHN1509 18-02-2022 10:56 AM

Cheers for the list update, you beat me too it the calm before the storm with the US card releases

Dorking .Eagle 18-02-2022 11:20 AM

Yep, Obsidian (a lot of autos and relics) 30th March or thereabouts;

Immaculate (should have been any day now)

No doubt Impeccable about a week before the end of the season...

No sign of Prism yet either

I bought the whole lot of Aderenalyn Plus cards in one fell swoop last night, and there were no daft 'parallel' colourways. Much more straightforward than checking ebay a couple of times a day to discover the card you want is either on sale to US buyers only, or if it is available will cost treble the price after shipping and duty are added

I might very soon have to take a pragmatic view on all of this and stick to the rather more straightforward UK releases. Unthinkable a few years ago that I'd be considering that, but the card companies are taking the wee wee nowadays, and there's only so many different versions of a similar card you need featuring a bit of Benteke's Villa shirt from 7 years ago....

Then maybe I can chip away at the vintage Bunsen and Baines cards I want (that actually hold a genuine value as well!)

JOHN1509 18-02-2022 08:12 PM

I can see were your coming from, the Premier league collections from the US is a bank breaker, and with the forth coming energy price increase , in my case, some thing will have to give , i can't keep slashing out the amount of cash i do collecting all the Palace cards, Might just the cheaper base cards and pick up others in the long term over the years

Dorking .Eagle 18-02-2022 08:31 PM

If you're in the Championship, nowadays there is absolutely nothing issued (unless you have an international player I guess, but that would be pretty minimal anyway), so if that comes along for Palace at some point, then there's (I suppose) a chance to look back and catch up...but for now I'd just take a back seat on so much of the mass produced US market stuff

I think just sticking to UK issues, that still means

- Adrenalyn cards (September)

- Adrenalyn update card bundle (Nov/Dec)

- Panini Sticker collection (January)

- Adrenalyn Plus cards (February)

- Panini Sticker update set (March/April?)

And then whatever bits there is for the World Cup/Euros

Still the fun of hunting down random foreign one-off cards and oddities

Just think I had enough of these premium US issued card series, especially if sellers don't even sell base cards in teams, but singularly. The 'Rookie' nonsense which we saw with the Eze cards last season is particularly galling.

It's not just energy prices, petrol prices etc, even my local non league side look like going up to the National League, and so very soon just popping along to watch them, which not that long ago was just a tenner, could be nearer £20 a game! I'm very lucky to have some disposable income to enjoy, but these premium card collections aren't really too exciting any more, and it's not unreasonable to look for 'value' these days!!.

Don't get me wrong, I got all the silver bar (Impeccable) cards the last 2 seasons, and I don't think they'll be making those again this year, but by issuing a deluge of new series week after week, they've turned me off somewhat.

Every time I look on the Cartophilic Info Exchange blog, there are multiple new Champions League sets out. Imagine trying to keep up with that! It might be even more prolific than the US baseball issues that seem never ending! It feels like Panini and Topps are just churning out as many series as they can across all the big clubs with little thought about making a card set something special.

JOHN1509 07-03-2022 06:24 PM

Artball (Armenia) - Legionnaires from the countries of the former USSR at English clubs (2022)

A new collection of cards just issued in Armenia,

25. Andrejs Rubins (Crystal Palace)
26. Aleksandrs Kolinko (Crystal Palace)

Dorking .Eagle 07-03-2022 06:44 PM

Blimey, that's a bit random lol

JOHN1509 07-03-2022 06:47 PM


Originally Posted by Dorking .Eagle (Post 16311919)
Blimey, that's a bit random lol

Its been listed on the Football Cartophilic info exchange today

Might be a tough one to look out for unless they list them on ebay

Dorking .Eagle 07-03-2022 07:24 PM

Unlikely they'd even surface there to be honest. I haven't heard from my man in China for about a year. His last shipment, during Summer 2021 took about 3 months to get here, so difficult was global supply issues such as shipping hold ups.

JOHN1509 09-04-2022 02:10 PM

No Palace players in the Panini Premier League update set

JOHN1509 27-05-2022 04:55 PM

Panini - 2021-22 Panini Mosaic Premier League

131. Conor Gallagher (Crystal Palace)
132. Eberchi Eze (Crystal Palace)
133. Joachim Andersen (Crystal Palace) RC
134. Jordan Ayew (Crystal Palace)
135. Marc Guehi (Crystal Palace) RC
136. Michael Olise (Crystal Palace) RC
137. Odsonne Edouard (Crystal Palace) RC
138. Tyrick Mitchell (Crystal Palace)
139. Vicente Guaita (Crystal Palace)
140. Wilfried Zaha (Crystal Palace)

14. Wilfried Zaha (Crystal Palace)
25. Jairo Riedewald (Crystal Palace)

Give and Go
14. Jean-Philippe Mateta (Crystal Palace)

Pitch Masters
14. Wilfried Zaha (Crystal Palace)
24. Vicente Guaita (Crystal Palace)

14. Luka Milivojević (Crystal Palace)

Will to Win
14. Conor Gallagher (Crystal Palace)
27. Marc Guehi (Crystal Palace)

14. Michael Olise (Crystal Palace)
50. Odsonne Edouard (Crystal Palace)

Stained Glass
14. Wilfried Zaha (Crystal Palace)

38. Wilfried Zaha (Crystal Palace)
41. Marc Guehi (Crystal Palace)

Dorking .Eagle 04-08-2022 10:34 AM

Panini Adrenalyn 2023 card out now (if like me you just order the Palace ones as singles)

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