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Philipw 16-03-2021 10:07 PM


Originally Posted by bourne man (Post 15685084)
Just caught up with this episode, what a great feeling watching that team again

Just watching it on ITV hub (all episodes on there). Had forgotten how exciting it was - loads of goalmouth action and brian moore then says ‘10 minutes gone’ ��

scott buchanan 16-03-2021 10:20 PM

Has anybody got the Brighton v Palace game (0-0) in 1979. Would love to see it as it was my first ever Palace game. I think ITV showed it.

I Hate Brighton 21-03-2021 12:45 AM


Originally Posted by Ian Hart (Post 15695655)
Barron wasn't the greatest keeper, I grant you. But there were numerous reasons we went downhill and it would be unfair to put Barron at the top of the list

Losing Sansom was one of them

Barron didn't give the back four the confidence that Burridge did. Sansom was a big loss and his transfer also was to help pay off his sizeable gambling debts but in my opinion Barron didn't command his area like Burridge and didn't seem to give the back four confidence in him. He also had no first team experience only playing for the Arsenal reserves which was a huge gamble considering our strengths the previous seasons were built on our defence and not our attack.
Without a defence we could rely on for keeping it tight at the back it put our forwards under pressure to produce goals which they weren't known for in the first place.

Stats74 27-03-2021 03:19 PM

Palace v Forest on Big Match Revisited on Easter Saturday morning!

casinocolin 27-03-2021 03:34 PM


Originally Posted by Stats74 (Post 15719275)
Palace v Forest on Big Match Revisited on Easter Saturday morning!

Do you know what year this match is for please?

Baffled Bob 2 27-03-2021 04:06 PM


Originally Posted by casinocolin (Post 15719336)
Do you know what year this match is for please?

It'll be 1979. The Shilton nutmeg.

casinocolin 27-03-2021 04:41 PM


Originally Posted by Baffled Bob 2 (Post 15719366)
It'll be 1979. The Shilton nutmeg.

Fabulous, another chance to watch the Team of the Eighties. :lux:


monkey 27-03-2021 07:00 PM


Originally Posted by Stats74 (Post 15719275)
Palace v Forest on Big Match Revisited on Easter Saturday morning!

Cheers for the heads up!! Beating the reigning European champions was one of those great memories from that era....happy days :lux:

joyce the voice 27-03-2021 07:13 PM


Originally Posted by Bipe (Post 15705635)
I have started recording these so I can skim through during the odd quiet moment.

Yesterday I settled down to watch an edition from November 1979, the games were as follows:

Luton vs QPR (featured match, 1st vs 2nd in the old Div 2)
Southampton vs Forest
Everton vs Middlesbrough
And the goals from Sheffield Wednesday vs Barnsley (also Div 2)

First observation - imagine if the BBC or ITV tried to pull off a stunt like the above schedule these days. No 'big six', they would be barred from bidding for the rights for the next 20 years. That was the thing about football back then, if you were a Palace fan (or for that matter a Liverpool fan), then generally speaking you were also a football fan more broadly. Since you didn't have the saturation coverage and very few live games, the highlights packages were taken for what they were without complaint. If your own team was on that was a rare treat, but if not then you were quite happy to sit back and watch other teams in action. As such your knowledge of the leagues and the players gradually expanded over time. These days everything is so much more tribal and football seems dominated by followers (not fans) of one of the big clubs who could not give a shit about the rest of the league.

The Luton-QPR highlights (about 20 minutes) were skilfully edited to create the impression of a pulsating game. 19,000 crammed into Kenilworth Road, up close to the pitch, and the atmosphere was fantastic. Really noticeable how back in those days there was so much less emphasis on trying to retain possession. Teams had much more direct attacking intent and the proportion of forward passes was much greater - sometimes long ball but not always, there were also some fairly intricate passing moves. And the forwards were absolute workhorses who would chase everything. So every time the ball went forward you would get this expectant roar from the crowd in anticipation of something about to happen. The defenders - less skilful than these days and on poor pitches - struggled to cope under the pressure from these attacking nutters snapping at their heels. Quite a refreshing change from watching Benteke amble around.

The game ended 1-1, QPR somehow getting away with a very imbalanced quasi 4-2-4 formation which accommodated the maverick talents of Bowles and Currie alongside Goddard and 18 year old Clive Allen up top. The little shit scored with a great finish, and was presciently picked out by the great Brian Moore afterwards as one to keep an eye on. At one point Luton thought they had scored when the QPR goalie saved a header while standing behind the line. We saw one inconclusive replay and then swiftly moved on, the moment was forgotten about. Seemed better than VAR somehow.

Southampton gubbed European Cup holders Forest 4-1. Saints had an experienced side with Alan Ball pulling the strings and Mick Channon up front. Their fourth goal, finished off by Phil Boyer, was a wonderful sweeping passing move from one end of the pitch to the other.

Thoroughly entertaining fayre anyway, you got a feeling of real earthiness about proceedings compared to today's somewhat sterile and over-marketed product. Having all the matches being played at the same time on a Saturday afternoon also helped, it just felt like everyone was in it together and afterwards the league table would shine a true light on things. You didn't have to wait for all the other bloody games to catch up over the following few days.

what an excellent post.

Another Oxted Eagle 27-03-2021 07:22 PM


Originally Posted by joyce the voice (Post 15719530)
what an excellent post.

Yep, you are a great writer Bipe (at least in commenting on football matches anyway !)

smudgerseagles 27-03-2021 07:50 PM


Originally Posted by Stats74 (Post 15719275)
Palace v Forest on Big Match Revisited on Easter Saturday morning!

Thanks for sharing - look forward to that, will go down lovely with a stack of chocolate

Philipw 27-03-2021 08:01 PM

These old highlights are fantastic. All the games ive seen looked more exciting than the stuff we watch now. Having said that, i guess they only show the best ones. There are loads on ITV hub - my wife (rightly) thinks I'm sad watching them with my headphones on on the laptop...Vividly remember standing on the holmesale for the 3-4 wolves when we went 2-0 up in 5 mins, thinking Chris Jones was our missing link. And the l venables/allison interview after the palace win over man city is gold dust (and the game great too)

Bipe 27-03-2021 08:13 PM


Originally Posted by Another Oxted Eagle (Post 15719544)
Yep, you are a great writer Bipe (at least in commenting on football matches anyway !)

Wouldn't go that far but as it happens I've just had the time to catch up on another episode from November 1979.

In brief, as there was some Palace related interest in every game:

Arsenal 0 Liverpool 0, David Price a busy presence in the Arsenal midfield.

Everton 1 Spurs 1, Chris Jones with the Spurs goal, the archetypal centre forward's header from a right wing cross?? Pinch me, I'm dreaming. Spurs experimented with a disastrous halfway line offside trap in this game which Everton broke through at will but were unable to convert their openings.

Notts County 2 Chelsea 3 from the second division, Micky Droy had an absolute nightmare at the back for Chelsea but atoned late on when his forceful clearing header started the move for the winning goal (Clive Walker, whose skill stood out in the highlights). Gary Locke also played for Chelsea. At one point the Notts County goalie deliberately handles outside the area - catching a through ball - and doesn't even get booked.

Worth mentioning that they showed the top of the division one table and there was little old Palace sitting in third place behind Man Utd and Liverpool, a mere two points off top spot.

Interesting to watch the era of the backpass, this was quite prevalent but also noticeable that the defenders screwed up this seemingly simple manoeuvre quite frequently, leading to exciting goalmouth scrambles. Again, the bobbly and muddy winter pitches introduced a good level of jeopardy into proceedings.

There was also a 'rewind' segment back to 10 years previously (so November 1969) and they picked Palace Vs Arsenal at Selhurst Park for this. We got gubbed 5-1, Per Bartram briefly pulling us level in the first half with a scrappy close range finish.

I am finding these programmes fascinating, knowing I would have watched them at the time as an impressionable seven year old but having no real memory of them. It's almost like a different sport when you look back on it now.

Bipe 27-03-2021 08:15 PM

By the way Philipw I think they are showing every weekly show from the 79/80 season sequentially, so not just cherry picking the best ones.

David of Kent 27-03-2021 08:21 PM

Watching the S3 E2 draw at Brighton in October 76 now. Fitness and technique has certainly moved on but it's great viewing. Funny watching us with Jim Cannon and Paul Hinshlewood from our excellent defence in 78 plus both playing in midfield. Cannon scored for us but did not look comfortable in midfield. A very young Kenny Sansom is out there taking the goal kicks! Paul Hammond had a fantastic game but I don't remember any of my elders particularly talking of him fondly.

Philipw 27-03-2021 08:25 PM


Originally Posted by Bipe (Post 15719688)
By the way Philipw I think they are showing every weekly show from the 79/80 season sequentially, so not just cherry picking the best ones.

Thanks. Think ITV hub must just have a selection then. Still crying that the game v ipswich was not televised....

Stats74 28-03-2021 02:23 PM


Originally Posted by Bipe (Post 15719688)
By the way Philipw I think they are showing every weekly show from the 79/80 season sequentially, so not just cherry picking the best ones.

Episode 2 of this series is Palace v Man City. Venables v Allison. Available on the ITV hub

Bipe 01-04-2021 05:06 PM

The latest episode moved on to the first Saturday in December 1979. Featured game was a 'resurgent' Spurs at home to leaders Man Utd. Pre-match focus was on the rising star Glenn Hoddle who just two days previously had scored a spectacular goal on debut for England against Bulgaria.

Spurs looked well on top in the first half and went into the interval 1-0 up courtesy of a Hoddle goal, a typically well taken first time sidefoot into the bottom corner from the edge of the area. After looking all at sea in the first half Man U came out scrapping in the second and turned things around to eventually edge the game 2-1. None other than Steve Coppell popped up with the late winner, tapping into an empty net after a mix up between the Spurs goalie Aleksic and one of the defenders.

It's become increasingly noticeable to me that the behaviour of the managers and coaching staff back in those days was very different to today. No formal technical zone then of course, in theory they could roam around at will, but most of the time they would just sit in their dugouts. The odd instruction would be barked out, but from no more than a crouching position with arse raised slightly off the bench (primarily to avoid smashing their heads on the dugout roof). Also no fourth official so there was none of this constant berating that the likes of Klopp like to indulge in when a throw-in on the halfway line decision goes against them. Made me wonder whether, for this aspect at least, the introduction of the fourth official is a retrograde step as it gives these arsehole managers a natural target to aim at. And what other purpose do they serve, other than deal with substitutions (which the linesmen used to be able to deal with perfectly competently) and hold up the added time board (which never used to be a thing anyway). Ban fourth officials, that's what I say - either that or give them one free hit against each manager per game. And I mean that literally - next time Klopp starts moaning about some perceived slight, feel free to smack him in the chops as hard as you can.

The other quite amusing slot on the show is viewers' letters, which Brian Moore reads out while an image of the letter with name, address and sometimes even phone number is shown on the screen. The good old days before GDPR...of course these days it's all tweets and whatnot, back then people used to go to the trouble of expanding on their points and it was nice that Brian in turn took the trouble to read and respond to them.

dim 01-04-2021 05:17 PM

I liked Burkenshaw throwing Hoddle under the proverbial bus.

Vince Hilaire's Afro 01-04-2021 05:37 PM

Speaking of Glenn Hoddle, it's funny how those old highlights shows stick in your brain. I remember as a kid staying up late to watch Sportsnight and Spurs were at home to Manchester United. Joe Jordan mullered the Spurs keeper and (somewhat surprisingly) Hoddle went in goal. Steve Coppell inexplicably made a goal line clearance for Spurs from a United shot that was definitely going in, and I think the game finished a ridiculous 3-3 or something like that

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