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Dorking .Eagle 11-10-2004 02:07 PM

No sign of the Topps Premier stars cards in Dorking yet. Just got a hefty supply of kick off stickers from Smiths though. Should have fun peeling the large stickers off the bubblegum tonight.
No sign of the smarties cans yet which are supposed to have the large stickers in them.

Last time there was a kick off collection with Palace in it, I had to get through about 100 packets of wotsits just to get a tiny Andy Linighan sticker!

Neil the Eagle 11-10-2004 05:34 PM


Originally posted by Dorking .Eagle
Probably will do swaps with you Neil, but as of yet have very little Kick off stuff.
Will stock up and get back to you in a few days (going to Azerbaijan this week)

Noted, mate.

Have a good time in MON, wish I was going. I got a late ticket for Old trafford in the end, was good to see an England match again after something of a break

Neil the Eagle 11-10-2004 05:37 PM


Originally posted by Dorking .Eagle
Last time there was a kick off collection with Palace in it, I had to get through about 100 packets of wotsits just to get a tiny Andy Linighan sticker!
I wasn't collecting them last time around and I didn't even know about them being in Wotsits packets until I had a packet for lunch one day and Andy fell out on my desk!

For some sentimental reason, I kept it for years in my desk, it was still there when I got back into collecting. One less to buy from the dealer!

stushirts 14-10-2004 03:02 PM

Neil , do you colect the photo cards the club do. if so do you know how much they are charging this year. last years were 25p each

finally got through to club shop and they are still 25p each

Neil the Eagle 14-10-2004 06:17 PM

No I don't, but would be intrested in a complete list of them for anyone that has collected them from the start.

They started in 2001/2 season I think.

Dorking .Eagle 15-10-2004 09:54 AM

Back from windy Azerbaijan. I pity the poor souls who have to live there - what a depressing place. Like the poor relation of the poorest Eastern European country you could imagine. I reckon even Iran is a nicer place to live with a better quality of life.
Anyway, I returned home to a load of Palace kick off stickers from someone advertising a swapping service on ebay
I need 137 (Shaun Derry)
140 (club badge)
and the round smarties sticker S8 (however haven't seen these on sale yet anywhere so they might not be out yet)

I'm not much use to anyone on here though as I have no Palace doubles to swap. I have a reasonable number of swaps of stickers from the other 19 clubs if anyone is trying to complete the collection, but I guess my best bet will be to swap with people who are swapping via ebay adverts.

Now onto the new Topps cards (if I can find someone selling all the Palace ones in a job lot on ebay like the shootout complete set I got for 4 then I'll be happy)

stushirts 15-10-2004 10:07 AM

my cousin flies to Baku regulary and gets loads of dvds from there

************************************************** **
Last seasons photos are
steve kember
terry bullivant
jamie smith
shaun derry
neil shipperley
dougie freedman
andy johnson
hayden mullins
tony popovic
kit symons
danny butterfield
gavin heeroo
ade akinbiyi
darren powell
ben surey
lance cronin
curtis fleming
wayne routledge
aki riihilahti
gary borrowdale
tommy black
cedric berthelin
ben watson
matt clarke
danny granville
thats the cards i have

though there was an Iian Dowie card and Julian Gray is missing for the list not sure if a card for him was done at a later date . this is not a complete list i dont think

Dorking .Eagle 15-10-2004 05:04 PM

Bought all 12 Topps Premier Stars cards on ebay just now (using buy it now, so no silly auction nonsense) - 2.15 plus 60p postage. There are still 8 sets still available.

Saves having to overspend on pack after pack of cards.

Only thing to beware of is that there are 12 Palace cards (11 players plus on flixpix thingy card) and some ebay sellers are selling the 11 player cards as a "complete set" without the flixpix card.

Neil the Eagle 15-10-2004 05:28 PM


Thanks for the heads up there Dave.

stushirts 20-10-2004 07:52 PM

2004/2005 photo cards purcashed from the club shop this season are huge A5 size !!!
they are
Mike Kelly,Kit Symons,Bob Dowie, Iain Dowie, John Harbin ( all in white away shirt)
and all the players in the squad 1-33 apart from cedric berthelin (13), gareth willaims ( 23 ) was included though.

Dorking .Eagle 25-10-2004 11:28 AM

Smarties stickers still not out

details of their stickers at

seems to be two stickers per "can" of smarties
OR eat 4 smarties "bars", send off the wrappers and get six stickers.

Looks like getting the Granville smarties sticker could be hard work!

Dorking .Eagle 11-11-2004 09:21 AM

I know it's nothing to do with stickers or cards, but I don't want to be identified as the saddo who started the palace badges thread, so did anyone else get one of those nice unofficial "match badges" from last nights carling cup game? Both crests, venue date and competition. Rather good I thought!

selhurst59 12-11-2004 12:39 PM

Dorking .Eagle any chance of a scan of the badge?

kiethlard 20-11-2004 12:25 PM


Originally posted by Neil the Eagle
No I don't, but would be intrested in a complete list of them for anyone that has collected them from the start.

They started in 2001/2 season I think.

i'm going newcastle today anyone else

Dorking .Eagle 29-11-2004 09:28 AM

4 different colourway match badges for our game at Anfield, plus a beaty of a badge for the game at Southampton.
And still the Merlin collection and the elusive smarties sticker to come! I love being in the Prem!!

David 07-12-2004 08:41 PM

Just got the new Premier League album and 75 stickers. So far I have the following Palace stickers - the Popovic captain sticker, Boyce, Hudson and Granville.

stushirts 08-12-2004 07:35 AM

got the same pack i think 4.99 gets you an album and 75 stickers

stushirts 08-12-2004 07:49 AM

1 Attachment(s)
Stickers are
199 club crest
200 team photo
201 home kit
202 away kit
203 dougie freedman
204 tony popovic
205 speroni
206 kiraly
207 borrowdale
208 butterfield
209 granville
210 hall
211 hudson
212 popovic
213 boyce
214 derry
215 hughes
216 kolkka
217 riihilahti
218 routledge
219 ventola
220 torghelle
221 freedman
222 johnson
223 ian dowie
224,wayne routledge ( key player )
225 danny granville ( key player )
226 andrew johnson ( key player )
also in the album is a pre-printed sticker of Kolkka on page 63

Dorking .Eagle 08-12-2004 08:20 AM

Great stuff!

stushirts 09-12-2004 07:43 AM

how sad/cool is this , in the new premier league album you can get a sticker of yourself done for any team in the premier league ....

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