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Dorking .Eagle 24-01-2005 10:59 AM

Hi there, especially Neil.
Just got a delivery from one of my "specialist catalogues"
Firstly the kick off stickers.
I am delighted to say that I have now got them all, without having to buy a single smartie!
The S8 sticker is Granville, the other round sticker is Shaun Derry, which is just the oval Shaun Derry from the main collection, but on a round yellow sticker with a different back.

I also have filled a few FKS gaps in my collection, but most exciting of all (for me) is an old card I (until now) never knew existed.
It is a circa 1961 colour bubblegum card of Ronnie Allen, from a manufacturer called Chix, and in his description on the back explains his history and that he plays for Palace now. It starts as "Ronnie Allen Crystal Palace" too. The photo however is a colour photo of him, but in a striped shirt, either black and white stripes, or extremely dark blue stripes. My guess it is the dark blue and white stripes of WBA, a previous club.
But it is exciting for me as I never knew the card was in existence!
If I ever find any of the really rare Kember A&BC cards, then that's how excited I'd be!

ian king 24-01-2005 12:35 PM

Palace 2004-05

Have got Shoot-Out x 18
Merlin Premier League 199-226
Topps Premier Stars 86-97
Merlin Kick-Off I x Badge, 10 x small ovals, 2 x small rectangular,
3 x large rectangular and 2 separate selfg-adhesive (Hughes & Derry)

Are there any more

Dorking-Eagle - which are the really rare A&BC Steve Kember

Dorking .Eagle 24-01-2005 12:38 PM

various ones called "Transparencies" which I've never seen but are listed in the A&bc cartophilic reference book
I'll dig out exact details if you want

Neil the Eagle 24-01-2005 04:57 PM


Originally posted by Dorking .Eagle
Hi there, especially Neil.
Just got a delivery from one of my "specialist catalogues"
Firstly the kick off stickers.
I am delighted to say that I have now got them all, without having to buy a single smartie!
The S8 sticker is Granville, the other round sticker is Shaun Derry, which is just the oval Shaun Derry from the main collection, but on a round yellow sticker with a different back.

Hi mate, can you pm me the name of the Kick Off dealer and does he also do Shoot out ones?

That Chix card you refer to is on my list. It turned up on a dealers catalogue I use price 5.50, but sadly by the time I placed my order it had gone :(

There was a Steve Kember transparancy on ebay recently, someone I've agreed not to bid against was already bidding so I didn't enter the fray, but I don't think he won it. It was part of a wider lot of these and sadly didn't have an actual picture of the SK card.

Ian, yes there are the Smarties subset, as referred to by Dave above.

Dorking .Eagle 24-01-2005 05:04 PM

Completely missed the Chix card on your list Neil, but yes it is there!

No probs Neil, I'll sort it for you tonight and pm you Wednesday. (Not at work 2morrow).

Neil the Eagle 24-01-2005 06:05 PM

Cheers fella!

ian king 25-01-2005 05:12 PM

Hello Dorking Eagle - Steve Kember Transparencies (A&BC Cards)

Looks like I've got one. These appear to be transfers (approx 1.5" x 2.5" inc. surrounding paper) - instructions are "to peel off back and rub picture with ball point" Picture of Kember is copy of A&BC Orange Back No. 138

Have recently obtained a Compton's Gravy Salt card (about 1924 - Series B No. 7 of 22)) of Crystal Palace which is a drawing of a footballer heading a ball taken sideways/rear on (i.e. showing more back than front) to show club colours. However these have been portrayed as red and blue stripes!
Never known of this card before (Not on your list Neil W)

Dorking .Eagle 26-01-2005 08:25 AM

Hi Ian and Neil
I've also got that Comptons gravy salt card myself not that long ago on ebay, and have seen others in the various series listed in dealers catalogues - they sell in catalogues for 25 (VG CONDITION) 15 (G CONDITION) which is more than I paid!

Firstly Ian the 2 rare Kember "transparencies"

First one

Series = Footballers Colour Transparencies/ or Transfers (adopted title)
Size 57 x 44mm. Coloured, unnumbered series of 72. Issued in 1970. Issued with Footballers English Issue 1970/71 2nd and 3rd Series (orange backs)

subject = Steve Kember, Crystal Palace

Second One

Series = Footballers Superstars (adopted title) Sixe 63x44mm. Coloured, unnumbered series of 23. Issued in 1972. Issued with Footballers English Issue 1971/72 3rd Series (purple backs)

Subject = Steve Kember, Crystal Palace


got the details re the catalog and the shoot out cards, will PM you

spent the whole day yesterday sorting out my cards, trying to put all the JF collectibles, matchday cards, Durlings and all the other modern "old style" cr@p into chronological order with my old ciggie cards, and realised I haven't got a single card of Peter Simpson!!!! Does anyone know if any issuer has ever done a card of him? Seems quite an oversight bearing in mind the amount of modern issues featuring pre war players!
(also wrote an article on cig cards for Eagle Eye that Tony wanted)

arussell 26-01-2005 09:53 AM

Looking forward to the article.

Have to say it's amazing how many of these things, not before known, seem to turn up on Ebay from time to time.

Haven't come across any Simpson cards DE, which as you say, is quite an oversight.

Dorking .Eagle 26-01-2005 10:01 AM

I just hope it gets in EE Alan. I always loved Eagle Eye, but struggled to get anything in it, as the quality of content was always very high (and presumably most of my rubbish wasn't) hence I generally did the odd piece for either OMP or Eastern Eagles (who seemed to print anything - enthusiasm from the writer being the only criteria!)
I found it difficult to balance not being to "anorakish" and boring the majority, but avoiding being silly and having no depth. Have tried to make it interesting to all, but it does ramble a bit in places!

Neil the Eagle 26-01-2005 10:09 AM

Don't worry mate, Tony and the rest of the team (me included!!!) are very much looking forward to it!

Shall we do our own Simpson card and Palace Legends series? Front of the Echo again?

Neil the Eagle 26-01-2005 10:10 AM

Oh and thanks for the dealer details, DE...

Neil the Eagle 26-01-2005 10:12 AM

Am going to be updating 'the list' shortly and will make it available as a download from the Echo site, when the article appears in March!

Dorking .Eagle 26-01-2005 10:17 AM

Wouldn't complain if you did, Neil!
As I was going through my cards yesterday, from time to time I found myself delving into the odd Nigel Sands book to have a read up on the player, to see what their stats were, and as a result read about a player I'd never heard of before. Now it's my own fault because when I get a Palace history book, I tend to look at the pictures, and maybe I only notice stand out players, intersting pics of grounds, ad notable moments, but I had never realised how much of a player George Clarke was until I looked at Nigel Sands latest (much maligned) book "The men who made.."
He was featured on a not very good quality recently acquired card from the "Fosse Collection" (available from most good dealers) and it turns our he was a cracking player, without whom Peter Simpson wouldn't have scored so many goals, indeed when Clarke cleared off, Simpson thereafter netted far fewer goals.
Delving into Palace's history is one of the happy by-products of collecting that i really enjoy!

ian king 26-01-2005 04:52 PM

With Palace being 'unfashionable' in Div 3 South I know of only a couple of cards between the Pinnance era (1920-5) and early 1960s other than the recent JF Collectibles hence no Simpson, Clarke, Dawes etc..

Dorking .Eagle 26-01-2005 05:29 PM

There's more than you think Ian - wait till Neil does the list and you'll be amazed!

stushirts 27-01-2005 11:42 AM

HELP !!!! I have stuck two lee hendries in the album , one in the place for gavin mccann . Can someone please tell me the sticker number of gavin mccann please

album is premier league 2005

Neil the Eagle 27-01-2005 02:56 PM

Cheers DE, that dealer has a great selection filling in one or two of my more annoying gaps as I type!

Back to Merlin Kick Off's now, just need smarties stickers S14, s18 & S19 now - if anyone can help or recommend a dealer who has these elusive babies!!

Neil the Eagle 27-01-2005 03:00 PM

Right, so IF we do an Echo centenary 'Unsung Heroes' collection of 10 cards next season, who/what should feature?

Peter Simpson is a definate. Any other 'gaps' that spring to mind? Johnny Byrne isn't particularly well represented, neither is Don Rogers (or strangely Iain Dowie as a player)


(Indeed should I make this a separate thread?)

arussell 27-01-2005 03:06 PM

George Clarke and Albert Harry

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