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ian king 14-02-2013 09:22 PM

There have been numerous 'neutral' games played at Selhurst Park over the years - too many to list here.

Include England U23 Internationals, Womens FA Cup Final, Surrey Senior Cup Finals, various Service games both between Army/Navy /Air Force and those from abroad (e.g. British Army v French Army), Amateur Cup Semi-Finals and so on.

Also League game Millwall v Newcastle 13 Dec 1947 as The Den was closed! Think it drew their biggest crowd of that season:eek:

tony 1947 15-02-2013 05:30 AM

Cup replay between Orient and Portsmouth Feb 5 1974 won by Portsmouth 2-0 a number of ex Palace players were in that game.

charltonhater 15-02-2013 10:03 AM

I went to the Woman's FA Cup final between Fulham and Doncaster at Selhurst Park in 2002. From Memory I think Fulham won 2-1
A few week's later I saw England Ladies played Germany ladies at Selhurst. I think that was a 1-1 draw.
Both games Season ticket holders got upto four free tickets.

La Bombonera 15-02-2013 12:49 PM


Originally Posted by waddoneagle
Croydon v Millwall, FA Cup, 12k there

Went to that game with my brother and dad. Croydon were given great support by Palace fans and other neutrals while Millwall had a certain John Jackson in goal. One-all in the first game with Croydon losing the replay :p

tasty_snacks 15-02-2013 01:51 PM


Originally Posted by Dorking .Eagle
There was a write up for that game in this seasons Stoke away programme. Game got a tiny attendance as not only was it totally pointless (who cares if you 'finish' 3rd or 4th, but also why play Everton v Stoke (both miles away) in South London???

That is utterly bonkers.

stripey_nigel 15-02-2013 08:38 PM

I was at the swindon gillingham game,stood on the holmesdale with the gillingham fans,it did seem a but strange.It was a bit hairy outside the ground,there was a lot of trouble.

I wonder if the programmes's worth anything?:bash:

big bad John 17-02-2013 05:02 PM


Originally Posted by tony 1947 (Post 10858347)
Cup replay between Orient and Portsmouth Feb 5 1974 won by Portsmouth 2-0 a number of ex Palace players were in that game.

Remember that match. Torrential rain throughout and running battles in the streets afterwards between Palace and Pompey fans. Jacko was in goal for Orient and I think Bobby Kellard might have scored for Portsmouth. Kellard made history a couple of weeks earler, in the first game at Fratton Park by being the first pro footballer to be sent off on a Sunday.

tony 1947 17-02-2013 05:13 PM

I was at the Orient v Portsmouth game along with over 19,000 others. You are right John, Kellard scored a penalty I believe for Portsmouth. Along with Jacko. Payne, Hoadley and Queen played for Orient. Heppolette later on a Palace player also played for them.

68johnners 17-02-2013 06:19 PM

Everton v Stoke F A Cup 3rd & 4th place match, 7th May 1971
I Remember Going To This, At The Time I Used To Collect Autographs And After Going Through The Stoke Team Managed To Get On The Everton Team Coach And Went Through Most Them To Including Alan Ball.

Infidel Castro 17-02-2013 10:26 PM

Womens cup final a few years back, Arsenal - charlton, pretty boring..

Newozeagle 23-02-2013 01:24 PM


Originally Posted by waddoneagle
Croydon v Millwall, FA Cup, 12k there

Wall had 'scouts' looking out for palace fans on the holmesdale that day...they knew many of the neutrals would be palace fans...

Radders 26-02-2013 12:13 PM


Originally Posted by PalaceBhoy
I was at that game. Swindon had the whole Arthur Wait, seats and enclosure. It was quite a sight watching the whole of that stand going mental after their goals. Think they won 2-0 on the night. Gillinghams support was wank.

Oh I dunno!

From memory, Gillingham had the 2 big pens in the Homesdale as well as the old stand.

Was a cracking atmosphere that night. Myself and the other programme sellers that day went and stood in the Sainsburys. About 20 of us had the whole terrace to ourselves!:cool:

bobwhite_ok 21-06-2016 11:03 PM

Played at SP April 1959 Primary School Cup for Spring Park
Yes I remember it well, kind of.

A rainy day in April after a weekend of rain on a soggy muddy field at the end of the season in front of 3000 kids. Our opponents were Fairchilds I believe.

A goalless draw was an expected result, given the conditions, as it took supreme effort for 10/11 year olds to get the ball from one end to the other. Details of the game escape me but I remember going in the communal bath after the game.

We played Fairchilds two weeks later in the league final and beat them 2-0.

This was the first time Steve Kember, a teammate and neighbour, played at Selhurst Park.

As you can imagine I have got a lot of mileage out of this memory over the years.

I'm still a soccer player and Palace fan. I live in Massachusetts and play indoors over 40's, 6 a side. Our team had a weekend out in Manhattan, NY, coincidentally on the day of the FA Cup final. Of course all my team mates are Palace fans, them being under my influence. The big question was where to watch the game. After a brief discussion we decided to visit Man U's home base, Smithfield Hall. We got there an hour early, just in time, as the place was a mob scene. A couple of Palace stragglers joined our group so we were 10 v 250+/-. We had our 2 minutes of glory before Man U equalized and the place erupted in the loudest man made noise I have ever experienced.

I was happy and proud to see Palace in the final. It's tribal. My Dad supported them in the 20's, 30's until his death.

I went to John Ruskin but didn't make the cut so became a lacrosse player.

georgea 06-02-2019 10:44 AM

1 Attachment(s)
Hi all. I played in the 1977 Schools Cup final. We were Castle Hill and we beat Winterbourne 3-0. It was a great day and i always remember the stomping feet in the stadium. ...and the goals of course. Not sure who presented the medals and cup though. Pic of trophy uploaded.:lux:

whyteleafeeagle 06-02-2019 10:54 PM


monkey 07-02-2019 11:18 AM

I went to the Gillingham V Swindon play off final in 1987(ish) I lived in South Norwood at the time and had to get to Norwood junction station to walk under the tunnel to where I lived just off Stanger Road and I was amazed at the time how much trouble there was, I think they’re still rivals to this day because of the agro that day

gold76 07-02-2019 01:00 PM

I went to a few Wimbledon games many moons ago..

Remember them beating Liverpool 2-0 with Steve Cotterill scoring, circa 92

And a league cup game with villa which they won something like 7-6 on penalties, I think it was Kevin Richardson who missed, this would have been around 94

Olympian2 07-02-2019 03:21 PM

I was at that Swindon/Gillingham Play Off game.

I also went to the U23 game vs Czechoslovakia when Peter Taylor scored - I'm sure I have a programme somewhere.

I also remember going to see Charlton vs Liverpool at the start of the season once. I think Liverppol won 3-0. I think Rush scored a hat-trick. I know that Jan Molby basically stood in the centre circle all game and just pinged 50 yard passes all over the place.

Edit - it was Aldridge who got the hat-trick.

18mcpalace 07-02-2019 11:51 PM

I've categorised a number of major matches at Selhurst Park not involving Crystal Palace into 4 groups.

Of course there are plenty of others which have been played at SP not involving Palace (including Schools games), but these are the major matches which I've identified so far.

Additions welcome!

England Internationals (various levels)
1-Mar-25 England v Wales (Full International) 1-3 23000
20-Jan-40 England v The Army (Red Cross Charity Match) 4-3 10057
19-Sep-53 England v South Africa (Amateur International Friendly) 0-4 12629
18-Sep-54 England v Northern Ireland (British Amateur Championship) 5-0
16-Mar-62 England v Scotland (British Amateur Championship) 3-4 6600
20-Mar-64 England v Scotland (British Amateur Championship) 1-0 5078
29-Oct-74 England U23 v Czechoslovakia U23 (European U23 Championship Qualifier) 3-1 22799
18-Nov-75 England U23 v Portugal U23 (European U23 Championship Qualifier) 2-0 19,472
17-Oct-02 England Women v France Women (World Cup Qualifying Play Off Leg 1) 0-1

Cup Games
1931-32 Dulwich Hamlet v Kingstonian (FA Amateur Cup Semi Final) 1-0
18-Apr-36 Casuals (Corinthian) v Ilford (FA Amateur Cup Final) 1-1
13-Dec-47 Millwall v Newcastle United (League Division Two (The Den closed)) 2-1 33356
18-Mar-67 Enfield v Walthamstow Avenue (FA Amateur Cup Semi Final)
7-May-71 Everton v Stoke City (FA Cup 3rd/4th play off) 3-2 5000
5-Feb-74 Leyton Orient v Portsmouth (FA Cup Round 4 replay) 0-2
10-Feb-75 Wimbledon v Leeds United (FA Cup Round 4 Replay) 0-1
15-Dec-79 Croydon v Millwall (FA Cup Round 2) 1-1
29-May-87 Swindon Town v Gillingham (Play Off Final replay) 0-2
8-May-01 Arsenal v Fulham (Women's FA Cup Final) 1-0 13824
7-May-02 Fulham v Doncaster Belles (Women's FA Cup Final) 2-1 10124
6-May-03 Fulham v Charlton Athletic (Women's FA Cup Final) 3-0 10389

Surrey Senior Cup Finals
1937-38 Tooting & Mitcham v Dulwich Hamlet - Surrey Senior Cup Final
1938-39 Kingstonian v Wimbledon - Surrey Senior Cup Final
1939-40 Wimbledon v Tooting & Mitcham - Surrey Senior Cup Final
1946-47 Dulwich Hamlet v Walton & Hersham - Surrey Senior Cup Final
1947-48 Walton & Hersham v Kingstonian - Surrey Senior Cup Final
1948-49 Wimbledon v Tooting & Mitcham - Surrey Senior Cup Final
1949-50 Dulwich Hamlet v Kingstonian - Surrey Senior Cup Final
1950-51 Walton & Hersham v Dulwich Hamlet - Surrey Senior Cup Final
1951-52 Kingstonian v Walton & Hersham - Surrey Senior Cup Final
1952-53 Tooting & Mitcham v Wimbledon - Surrey Senior Cup Final
1953-54 Corinthian Casuals v Epsom FC - Surrey Senior Cup Final
1954-55 Wimbledon v Sutton United - Surrey Senior Cup Final
1956-57 Woking v Wimbledon - Surrey Senior Cup Final
1957-58 Dulwich Hamlet v Carshalton Athletic - Surrey Senior Cup Final
1958-59 Dulwich Hamlet v Woking - Surrey Senior Cup Final

Long Term Tenants
Sep 1985 - 1991 Charlton Athletic
1991 - 2003 Wimbledon

Hedgehog 08-02-2019 12:26 AM

In regard to the Wimbledon v Leeds Cup game, as said previously the crowd was well in excess of 40,000 (I wasn't there). It seemed around that time that football fans in South London would show up to watch anything with a minute interest (or the FA Cup?). I remember I did go to the West Ham v Hereford game at Upton Park, and also went to watch Charlton play at Arsenal around that time... both Cup games.

Makes you wonder where it all went wrong.

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