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EagleSE24 11-10-2021 11:57 PM

Somehow ended up in the Watford away end for an FA Cup tie vs Wimbledon. Think my dads colleague was a Watford fan and invited us along. Can’t remember why we said yes.

Grim Reaper 21-10-2021 09:07 PM


Originally Posted by gold76 (Post 14635995)
And a league cup game with villa which they won something like 7-6 on penalties, I think it was Kevin Richardson who missed, this would have been around 94

Wouldn't have been '94. Villa won the Cup in 93-94 and then WE knocked them out in November of that year on our way to the semi final. :D:lux:

4-1 against the Cup holders was a great night :p

Grim Reaper 21-10-2021 09:12 PM

Went to Charlton v Ipswich the day before the ZDS Final in 1991.

Stood in the Ipswich away section to find myself behind.....two Palace fans. The only time I ever stood in Compound 3 and, in fairness to the many away fans over the years who moaned about the view, that corner was pretty crap. When Ipswich scored at the Holmesdale end I couldn't see the goal such was the weird angle in that corner

PK1 04-11-2021 07:08 PM


Originally Posted by tony 1947 (Post 16032798)
There were two games played in the early eighties. May 19 1982 England's 1966 Heroes beat H.F.C.Trust 6-4 4,614 watched the game Suzanne Dando kicked off and also scored a goal when she came on near the end. It was played in aid of Save the Children Fund and Old Wilsonians. Bob the cat Bevan replaced Alex Stepney in the H.F.C. team and John Jackson replaced Ron Springett in The World Cup Team. The next years game was played on May 18 1983 when Northern Internationals drew 8-8 with Southern Internationals in Aid of St Christophers Hospice and Old Wilsonians. Suzanne Dando again kicked off in front of 1,800.

Thank you for a fantastically informed reply, and for reassuring me I hadn’t conflated Suzanne Dando and Selhurst Park into some teenage fantasy - it was all true!

Eagle El 04-11-2021 07:17 PM


Originally Posted by Granada allover (Post 1132466)
I remember bunking off early from Selhurst Grammar in 1967 to see a friend of mine play for Beulah primary in the local inter-school cup final one Wednesday afternoon. The old stand was packed in one section with kids from both schools and half the stand went crazy when Beulah scored (to win 1-0).

I was SO envious of my friend Keith Stannard playing on the sacred turf that day (I couldn't even get into the Winterbourne First XI).

It's made me wonder whether there were other school games back then - and whether any still happen today...

Anyone know?

Pretty sure I was at that one with my school (Elmwood) I remember being so jealous of the guys playing and dreaming of one day playing on that pitch. Closest I got was running on at the end of the Burnley game in 1979. :sob:

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