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Originally posted by Niceaction
Apple are just about to move into the office apps and email market for business though.

I have a question... I currentlt have all my music on Itunes which feeds my 60gig ipod (its about 75% full.) If I were to get an Iphone how would it interact with my current installation of itunes? Will it try and sync all 45gig to the phone, or does each device have its own seperate interface?

I love the ipod and iphone but I hate Itunes!!
Either stop using iTunes, there are other music syncing/playing solutions. If you are using iTunes, turn off the autosync feature and manually select what you want to import.

We run four iPods off the same iTunes installation. Have over 40Gb of music and service an iPod 20Gb, 2 Nanos and a shuffle. Easiest way I have found is to create playlists for each machine and then select the option to just sync the playlist, that way you can have a separate list for the iPod to the iPhone.
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