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Originally Posted by Johnybegood View Post
I do read a number of sources and am as eager to find a positive outcome as any leaver. Happy to be pointed in the right direction though.....just one?

Meanwhile Arlene is blaming a Sinn Fein funeral (last june) as the reason why loyalist youths are angry
Kate Hoey is somehow blaming the protocol but not brexit
Boris told unionists there would be no additional paperwork and to forward any such requests onto him
Brandon Lewis is telling unionists that there isn't a border in the Irish sea at all
Boris says he is concerned

.....all lies matter
It is funny no one is blaming Brexit. Also I do remember Boris saying there will be checks and controls in N Ireland over his dead body? I know this Easter, after JC, we have seen another person rise from the dead, and that is BJ- Hallelujah, praise the lord.

In reality Lordy David Frost can easily solve this by having a meeting with Brussels and Dublin? Over a cup of tea if required, surely
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