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You've hit the nail squarely on the head with regards to the hobby - it's a bit Royston Vasey in terms of "we don't like outsiders here" or "haven't seen you here before"!!

It's very much that a lot of the collectors have socialising problems or something, in that they all know each other and look after each other.

For example - the room in the hotel where it takes place is generally very quiet, with the odd murmour as anoraks are wading through binder after binder, looking for the missing cards from their various sets, then suddenly, piercing the silence, some nob shouts across the room "Stuart! I think I've found that missing Wills' chaffinch card!" , and then excited quiet chatter spreads across the room!

It is also like, they expect you to know what you are looking for and where to look. So if you ask for help, you have to tell them confidently of exactly what you are after.

And sometimes you could say "I'm looking for Wills' Scissors cards"
"which series?" they say instantly back
"the 1914 series of footballers" you reply
" which cards" they say straight away
"Rev Kenneth Hunt" you say, whilst fumbling through your list
instantly they reply "no I haven't got that one" (without looking)as if they know their entire stock, card by card, despite holding thousands of cards!

One of the dealers in more helpful than the rest, in that he collects Spurs cards himself, and is wiling to chat about collecting, and goive help, suggestions and advice, but even he is a bit annoying, because he keeps pulling out random cards of ex-palace players, and tries to flog you them -

i.e. "Here's a card of Ronnie Rooke, have you got that one?"
me - "no, but he's in Arsenal colours so I'm not after it"
him (all offended) "oh sorry., I thought you collected Palace players." (as if you are now not a serious collector for not buying some Arsenal card of a player who once played for Palace at some other time!
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