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Week ending 30 March 1991 saw three new entries into the top ten:

Let There Be Love by Simple Minds - Simple Minds had broken through into the global stadium circuit in the late 80s with their album Once Upon A Time and single Don't You Forget About Me, which were both massive hits in the US. Unlike their contemporaries U2 though they never really consolidated on the back of that and their career gradually waned thereafter (certainly in terms of volumes sold, they remained a popular live act). Anyway my older sister liked them but I didn't and I have no recollection of this song.

Sit Down by James - James had been on the circuit for a decade or so before this breakthrough smash, gradually building up a loyal live following but failing to trouble the scorers much in terms of chart success. The band's story up to this point had included drug addition, criminality, religious cults, and at one stage some of the members even resorted to participating in medical trials in order to supplement their meagre income. I always found this song rather irritating, it has a miserable sort of sub-Morrissey moroseness to it and I have a prejudice against songs where the second verse is half the length of the first, lazy songwriting (I expect someone will tell me now that the single version was edited down in length).

Secret Love by Bee Gees - the warbling brothers had enjoyed a surprise comeback number one smash a few years previously with You Win Again, this song was of a similar ilk but somewhat less successful, peaking at number 5. The Bee Gees are what they are really, there can be few people who have them top of their list of favourite acts but there is nothing to particularly dislike about them. Or I should say him these days as two of the three brothers are now deceased.

Footnote on James: I was a massive Carter USM fan around this time, they had released their second album 30 Something earlier in 1991 and were breaking through into the wider consciousness helped by the re-release of Sheriff Fatman. Somehow James got the Saturday night headliner slot at Reading 1991, largely on the back of Sit Down's unexpected success. Carter were second on the bill and there was no way I was going to miss them performing at an outdoor festival. The timing was perfect for their set, they had splashed out on an even larger than usual bank of white lights and they started as dusk was setting on the site. They nailed it and James had a tough act to follow, not helped by the fact that they'd really only had one proper hit by that point. The sizeable number of people in the crowd who were not James fans (like me) just wanted them to do the hit so we could all bugger off. Of course the bastards left it to the end of their set as you would expect, it seemed to take forever. Also appearing very low on the bill that year were a largely unknown Nirvana, who I didn't think much of. Shows what I know.
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