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IPhone/IPod Touch Application Recommendations

This thread is for Application recommendations.

Applications have been discussed on the other IPhone thread, but tend to get buried amidst all the other discussion - so this thread is exclusively for Application discussions.

Here is my top ten list:

My IPhone Application recommendations:


1. Airsharing

Allows you to connect your IPhone to your computer and view/modify contents of folders. Requires a WiFi connection.

2. Fring

Skype on the IPhone. Skype chat works anywhere (i.e. Edge or 3g), but Skype calls only work with WiFi. Nevertheless it's a must have application if you frequesntly use Skype (which I do with relatives abroad). Oh yes - it also enables msn chat etc.

3. WunderRadio

This turns your IPhone into a portable, fully functional, WiFi radio. OK, it doesn't work with 'Listen again' and it crashes occasionally, but this is one brilliant application. Most importantly, it works with all the BBC stations.

Would hate to be without ...

1. Labyrinth.

An absolutely amazing game - now featured on the IPhone adverts. Try the free 'lite' edition to see what I mean.

2. TV Plus.

If you have Sky, then you will appreciate this. You can look at the TV Listings for up to a week ahead - and send a remote record request to your Sky + box. Works perfectly.

3. iFooty

Set Crystal Palace as your Team, and you can receive live (and pretty immediate) text commentary on Palace games from the BBC - as well as latest news etc.

4. Facebook

If you have a Facebook account (and who doesn't these days) this is a very good application. You can do almost everything that you are able to do when logged in via your PC.

5. Trace

A free game (but for how much longer?) Very clever and highly challenging. Makes the best use of the 'touch' facility. Great fun.

6. Voice Notes

Use your IPhone as a voice recorder.

7. Hanoi

I love this application. It's the old game 'towers of Hanoi'. A free application that will keep you entertained for ages.

8. Stitcher

Personalised Audio - delivered. Choose from a long list of podcasts and listen to them when you are out and about.

9. Midomi

This will find tracks for you, if you are able to sing (or even hum) a few bars of the song you are looking for. Alternatively, you can type in words from the song. It seems to work very well - and when it finds the track you can order it from ITunes, or find it in YouTube (with a direct link)

10. WordWrap

A great (free) game. You have to find as many words as you can - including the hidden six letter word - from the six jumbled letters provided. You move on to the next round provided you have located the six letter word. This is supported by Adverts, but these are not too intrusive.
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