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Originally Posted by Del Fenner View Post
Anyone here who was a Whitehorse regular before Bloye sold us down the river?

I enjoyed it for the frisson of being mixed in with the away fans. My first match was 1978 v Brighton (3-1) and I found the Seaweed tears to be delicious.
I got taken to Palace at quite a young age, Old Stand, New Stand, New Stand Enclosure to start with between 1970 to 1973, just a few games, usually featuring West Ham or Stoke - but by about the spring of 1974, I got the Palace supporting bug, even though we slipping quickly through Division Two on the way to three memorable seasons in Division Three (74-77).

Many of my earliest Palace memories are from sitting with my feet through the barriers sitting on the Whitehorse wall, which only kids of certain age or size could do, as otherwise you would get stuck!

Concrete is never great to sit on in winter and could freeze various parts of the body, which sometimes you wouldnít realise as the football was usually quite absorbing, the humour of nearly all the fans is partly what attracted me, I donít think anyone was taking the results seriously, Palace were losing more often than not in the 73/74 season, but it never got nasty, Iím not sure how fans of today would react, but then Big Mal was also a huge part of following Palace back then, most fans loved him, some older ones not so much, but then they could take the mickey without being nasty back then and that summed up Palace back in the 70s for me.

Of course, the Whitehorse was also the Ďaway endí so plenty of times you would be right in the middle of the visiting fans, shoulder to shoulder, toe to toe, so to speak. It never seemed to really kick off, just individual scuffles sometimes, but this was a good few years before segregation and fences.

By the start of the 76/77 season, I had migrated to the Old Stand enclosure, right behind the Palace dug out, by the tunnel, which in those days was still on the half way line.

Somehow I managed to miss standing right in the middle of Millwall, Charlton or Brighton fans, I seem to remember one game in Division Three, against Halifax, who probably only had a coach load of fans, especially for a midweek game, but the gate was well over 25,000, apparently thousands of Millwall fans had turned up to cheer Halifax on from the Whitehorse as they needed a result to help their promotion bid. Luckily that was one night I chose to stand on the Holmesdsle, which I didnít often do back then. I think it was the game where Peter Taylor blasted a penalty about 10 ft over the bar, just before our FA Cup semi-final, which kind of blew our promotion up and by the Saturday the Cup run was over too!

Great days though, I donít really think you could recreate the atmosphere now if you tried, in some ways, fans are more vocal (although definitely not in the modern Whitehorse Stand!) - but I donít think the humour is quite the same, people donít always seem to see the funny side of just how poor Palace can be sometimes!
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