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ignoring those who might leave we NEED:

1 x cb - Quality. A starter and significant investment. I actually rate Kouyate and am happy with him. Very good with quality next to him. Cahill is brilliant but only getting older and 2x games a week maybe too much. Another year yes but have to plan beyond. Tomkins is great but too injured to assume will play enough.

1 x cm - Quality. A starter and significant investment. Luka has wrestled a place back in my mind as a contender. Jimmy brilliant and ok with him starting next year but ultimately we need to consider his successor now!! Jairo has to do more to be worthy of starts, mccarthy sounds set on leaving. Kouyate is a CB and emergency cm.

1 x wide/winger - Quality. A starter and significant investment. This is harder to nail down. Depends a lot on next manger and how he wants to play. Also effected by wilf a)staying/going and b)playing on the wing or upfront. We need a starter though. A Sarr type (of course watford coming up making the actual Sarr unlikely and expensive)

Those 3 are absolutely gargantuan and need to be quality. That is a LOT of money. Anything we spend elsewhere comes from that budget.


Ward must stay. Letting him go would be the most ridiculous thing the club has ever done. Outstanding defender. Add pace and he would have been top 6 for the last 10 years. Ferguson hopefully available and fit next season. I fear we cant rely on him though. Tough one. That for me opens the door to clyne again but only for the right money.

Benteke must stay if we can (on the right wages) Or we have to find a new striker. That is a HUGE dent in the budget and we need to create chances more than worry about taking them if we keep benteke. Crosses and he will score. We need to find the guy to swing them in

LB is interesting. We all hope mitchell comes through. I think PVA is mentally gone sadly as i think the 2 of them fighting for starts is about as good as we can hope for. Better than PVA means Mitchell is waiting for injuries, less than PVA and we are weak when mitchell is out. I suspect he is going however and we will need a new guy.

As for the rest i think they are gone.

I'd sign Ward, cahill and benteke - 100%

Clyne subject to Ferguson and his fitness prospects

PVA but i think he will go

Dann is too slow and immobile. Let him go a palace legend

If townsend could adapt his game to a loss of pace perhaps but i swear he hasnt realised he isnt winning those races yet. Maybe as a cheap squad player if he wants to stay on squad money.

Sakho is probably the best (in recent times) CB we have ever had. Shame he cant stay fit at all. Has to go to protect the finances sadly

Wickham is similar. Unlikey to ever be the player he looked set to become now. Shame. Real number 9 taking shape before the injury but has to go

I like Mccathy but he isnt staying fit enough for the money and feels like he is leaving.

Happy enough if either keeper wants to stay and be number 3 on number 3 money unless we have a youth prospect that could play for an extended period
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